Whats Fair

De Groot Coffee Co: Coffee Beans

Everyone has the right to a happy
and healthy life.

That's why we insist on being fair to the people who grow our beans, as well as being fair to you, who sips them down. All of our beans are sourced from co-ops, each made up of hundreds of tiny farms, and each with their own growing method and personality. These green beans are then pooled together and sent on their journey to us in South Australia.

We source our beans through brokers who have direct relationships with both larger certified organic & fair-trade co-ops and smaller independent micro lot producers - this way, we can be sure that everyone involved along the way is treated with the dignity to which we believe every person is entitled. By trading on the small scale, we're also supporting sustainability, both within our producers' businesses and our own.

In the end, we believe that genuine quality can only be delivered through a business style that is fair and personal. In short: coffee done right.